Mine Own

Alaska is a frigid and formidable land. Its expansive territory and untouched terrain are awe inspiring to say the least. Sam and I decided to take a journey to this inhospitable state for my birthday, the big THREE-O! The point was to see the Northern Lights, or so she thought… Little did she know I had an engagement in mind. The Lights just would have been a bonus. While we did see some amazing sites the Aurora Borealis eluded us this time. Maybe for one of our anniversaries we will give it another try. Or maybe not. Seriously cold up there. Shout out to Erin Smith Emmons for hooking up accommodations in a little B&B in Glennallen. Less of a shout out to the guy who walked in 3 seconds shy of me purposing and stayed for near 3 hours… Funny memory, but seriously.  These are for Sam.
alaska Site_-127 alaska Site_ alaska Site_-24 alaska Site_-28 alaska Site_-18 19:17 alaska Site_-5 alaska Site_-31 alaska Site_-36 alaska Site_-38 58:59 alaska Site_-42 alaska Site_-43 alaska Site_-53 alaska Site_-56 alaska Site_-60 alaska Site_-61 alaska Site_-97 alaska Site_-89 alaska Site_-87 alaska Site_-83 alaska Site_-73

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