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My goal in photography is to be real. I’m not trying to make dramatic art, I’m trying to capture the moment. I love great portraits and will work with you until we have something we love. I will not make you wait 30 minutes while I set up one photo. That’s not my style. I’ll be real with you and I hope you’re real with me. Photography should be fun and I want my images to convey that. It’s not as painful as you think.

I’ve made my life in Aspen. Originally from Orlando, FL, my dreams brought me West. First stop was in Denver, but it was short-lived… the mountains kept calling me. I initially settled in a small town called Redstone (population 92), and it was there that I knew I’d never leave the Rocky Mountains. After that first summer, I migrated up the valley to my home in Aspen. I’ve been in this town 8 years and I know I have found my spot. My wife and I bought a house here, and had our first child.

As we spin and spin around the sun, I often find myself asking ‘why.’ Most recently I’ve considered why I do this for a living. The answer, I’ve decided, isn’t just one thing; rather, it’s the culmination of all the various ventures in my life. Without our prior experiences we don’t learn or grow: From bartending, I’ve learned how to best interact with guests and family. From catering, I’ve learned the many intricate details that go into setting up an event. From attending countless galas and soirees in Aspen, I’ve learned the flow of a well-thrown party and how to keep the groove going. From my time spent as a marketing and sales specialist, I’ve learned how to craft stunning images that have broad appeal. And from my many years of collegiate baseball I’ve learned to never be late for anything. Ever.

Living in a town that plays host to world-class parties has also afforded me an incredible breadth of wedding and event experience of which most photographers can only dream. And my six-year relationship with my wife, whom I’ve shot every second along the way, has absolutely taught me the value of the “flattering angle.”

When composing images at a wedding or an event, my main goal is to make the best of the situation. If it rains or if the snow kicks up, we will use that to our advantage and get something really unique — as long as you are up to the challenge! Some of my favorite images have been created under some of the most difficult circumstances. I want to be adventurous when I do portraits. Maybe we hike, maybe we stand out in a blizzard, or maybe the wind kicks up and things go flying… That’s life. That’s the stuff that creates memories and the things from which we should never shy away.

I want the people I work with to have that same adventurous spirit. I will kiss your grandmother and I’ll direct the traffic. I’ll be in the middle of the commotion and I will capture its essence. I may swear. And I’ll certainly have a beer. That’s why I do this.

Anything you need. I got you. Feel free to call or write with any inquiry you may have. Chances are I’ve done it before.

Ross Daniels
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or call @407.325.4876


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